Korbond back to school labelling guide review

I’ am the first person to admit that I am nowhere near organised when it comes to labelling school uniform, lunch bags etc. Casing point, when Ethan initially started school last year, I was so overwhelmed with everything. I resorted to using scrap paper and sticky tape to label his drinks bottle, lunch bag etc.

So when Korbond got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their labelling kit, I jumped at the chance. I was willing to try anything that would make getting ready for back to school easier.

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The labels arrived in a practical little box along with a handy guide, explaining what each label was used for. The guide is laid out clearly, detailing each label separately & simply. There are even a couple of top tips included along with a list of the different retailers that stock the labels. (Tesco, Amazon, Sainsbury’s)

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I have been using the labels for Ethan’s lunch box, drinks bottle and shoes. There was also a great tag in the box that can be attached to school bags or book bags. It is a great way for your child to be able to find their bag amongst the craziness that is the bag area at school.

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I was a little sceptical about labelling the bottle. Some labels tend to peel off halfway through the school day. After a week of being used, soaked and washed in the dishwasher. It is safe to say the label didn’t budge, even when wet. That being said when the bottle broke, I decided to re use the same label on a new bottle. It peeled off after a bit of adjusting, and it stuck to the new bottle as good as new.

I was also impressed by the fact that once written on, no water got in between the paper and laminate of the label. It was good to know that once it had been written on, there was no smudging/ ink running. A little tip, I would suggest using a ball point pen, rather than a gel pen, with the gel pen it starts to run after the laminate is sealed onto the paper.

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I also used another of the labels, on Ethan’s lunch bag. The label has stayed on for just over a month now; which is great when you think, how many children have the same design on their lunch bags.

The sticky back paper labels with laminate covers, have lasted a month into the school term and I’ am really surprised at just how sturdy and practical they are. I will definitely be stocking up on more, when they finally fall off everything!

As well as paper labels, I was intrigued to find what looked like a luggage tag, included in the box with the paper labels.

After further research, the tag is for attaching to a rucksack or book bag. There is a little clear window on the back that can be used to store your child’s name and class number on a small piece of paper. The material used on the tag, is strong, durable and lightweight. The design on the tag is eye catching and unique. For example the spots on Ethan’s tag, are the first thing that he looks for when it comes to finding his bag at home time now.

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The last set of labels that I saw were for use in school shoes, again I haven’t seen anything like these before. One is marked ‘L’ and the other is ‘R’. You simply peel off the backs and stick them firmly on to the insole of the shoe. Just like the other labels, they have lasted a really good amount of time. I think they are brilliant as they have encouraged Ethan to learn, which shoe goes on which foot.

The usual time consuming task of having to re arrange the shoes to the right feet, is avoided. A win all around, we feel less flustered when we’re rushing out of the door in the mornings and the little ones are proud to have ‘done it themselves’. There is no need to worry about your child coming home from school with someone else’s shoes on either because there is also room on the label to write their name and class.

Overall, the labels that Korbond sent to me were really useful and helped me become that little bit more organised. I will definitely be buying more labels when the first ones fall off!

Here is the link to Korbond’s website, if you wanted to have a closer look at the labels I used! (I won’t receive any payment if you do look)


I hope you enjoyed this little review. Feel free to let me know if you have used the labels, or whether this has proved as a helpful guide for fellow parents.




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