And relax

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It is one of the most common thoughts that goes through every new mum’s head when she has children, “What did I do before I had children?”

I can’t personally pin point, what exactly consumed all of my time before I had Ethan at 21. I was a book loving, DVD watching, university student who was either working or at the university library. But that surely didn’t consume every hour of my day, as much as having a new born baby to look after.

Sure, there are obvious things that I took for granted before having Ethan. For example going to the toilet or having a shower in peace & quiet. Even a little retail therapy isn’t as therapeutic as it once was. I made my first trip into town shopping as a new mum, just before Christmas, Ethan was a couple of weeks old & it was definitely a reality shock. People weren’t as polite as they once seemed, getting from one shop to another took twice as long and its safe to say that Ethan didn’t enjoy the experience either.

When you become a parent, new mum or dad, you learn to adapt & become excepting of the fact that someone else is relying on you. To them you don’t have anything to do apart from look after them.

It can be easy to become bogged down by the hustle & bustle of daily life, ‘not enough hours in the day’ is a phrase you can hear me saying at least once a day. I’m guilty of making endless lists of what has to be done, from meal planning to washing & putting away clothes.

We had so many appointments sent to us for Ethan to attend, that making lists was the only sane way to keep track of everything that was going on or that had to be done. However not everything on my to do list, is urgent enough that it has to be done straight away. For example the pile of clean washing doesn’t have to be put away now; it could be left until the following day.

My message today?

Focus on getting some you time in, put the kids to bed, have a relaxing bath or shower. Put new pyjamas on & relax in front of the telly. Or make a start on the book that you brought, but put to one side along with the others. A chapter a night with a cuppa & a candle lit (if you’re a Yankee candle addict like me) will do wonders for a relaxing state of mind.

If your feeling extra indulgent, you could paint your nails or put a relaxing face mask on. I’m not saying take a whole day & go to a spa, although that is a good idea, if you want to treat yourself on your birthday or at Christmas time. For the more creative type, why not try out an adult colouring book or bake a couple of cupcakes!

The idea is to take some time for you, you’d be surprised at how quickly your mind switches off; your able to focus on the activity at hand & let everything else fall away!

I have vowed to myself that I will try to have a little me time at least 3 times a week; to take some time for me & what I want to do. Whether I paint my nails or begin a new book, the possibilities are endless. If anything, I find that waking up the next day, I’m more relaxed,I have more energy & focus to face the day ahead.

So go on, do that one little me thing tonight! Make a little time to schedule something in & sit back and relax! Let me know what it is that you do to unwind & relax; or let me know if reading this has inspired or encouraged you to start making some time for you!





2 thoughts on “And relax

  1. pamsbakeandbabyblog says:

    I keep having this thought everytime the kids move to the next stage. When my youngest was a baby i felt so busy yet now shes in her feet i cant help bt wonder what the heck i did with my time! Some great advice about taking a minute! Lovely blog x


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