Its been a while ….

Since writing my last blog post about relaxing & taking time out for yourself; its safe to say I did just that. And then the storm …

I spent a lot of time looking around at different schools that would be best for Ethan to go to, putting a statement together so that he would receive the right level of care & help that he would need once he started school. It turns out that getting your child into the right school, requires much more thought and planning when they have additional needs.

All of Ethan’s uniform was tried on, washed and ironed a week before his first day, we read through his picture book, it showed pictures of his class, teachers and things that were in the school, such as the playground (something that his nursery teacher had suggested doing, to get him used to the new faces and environment that he would be in everyday).

As a family we were lucky to fit in 2 mini holidays together. Our first holiday involved paying a surprise visit to my lovely friend Adele’s house in Cornwall. We spent 2 days exploring, letting our boys meet properly and catching up on life.

Holidays are always much easier to enjoy when we are with friends. They get our family dynamic, they aren’t afraid to treat Ethan like any other child and they are always first to ask questions rather than pass judgement. Something that isn’t always the case when we are around strangers.

After 2 days in heaven (I’ am forever trying to persuade Jamie to move to Cornwall!) We headed home and prepared for our next trip … LEGOLAND.

We had a fun, yet stressful 2 days exploring the never – ending array of Lego statues, mini model worlds and a sleepover in a hotel room; which excited Ethan so much.

Then before I knew it, Ethan’s first day at school was here ….




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